Saturday, April 4, 2009


Sorry I've been MIA again; there have been a number of health issues in my family recently, and I've been a little distracted.  I'm doing well with the whole 30 Classes in 30 Days thing; I've been doing Hot Yoga every day since Thursday, and I found some great videos on Netflix I'll be talking more about later.  Don't go anywhere, please! I'll be back soon...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 26

I know I'm not being the best blogger right now, but stay with me! There's a lot of craziness gong on in my life right now (isn't there always?), but I'm doing my best to stay on target.  

So far, so good with workouts!  I ended up doing a video last night (CRUNCH: Fat-Loss Pilates), which I didn't love, but at least it got me moving.  I have class/work/study group today, so I'll probably be doing another video tonight--but again, it's better than nothing!

This is my new favorite breakfast:
Soy Pudding/Yogurt + Nature's Valley Granola.  Mmmm.

And my new favorite indulgence:
Arnold's Sandwhich Round + Tofutti Cheese + Soy Sausage
(SO much cheaper than eating out, and way healthier, too!)

This is what I had for dinner...

Just kidding! Haha, I crack myself up (okay, not really).  Nope, this loot is the awesome giveaway going on at Nikes and Ponytails.  How awesome does it look? I hope I win!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 24: Ouch!

I haven't been this sore in weeks months! And that's a good thing.  Well, it's not good that I haven't been working out that hard in a looong time, but it is good that I went to a challenging class yesterday! Unfortunately, the instructor is leaving to go on vacation tomorrow, so tonight is my last chance to have a class with him for a long time! And I'm so stiff!

I'll try to go, but the bf laughed when I told him I was trying to do 30 Classes in 30 Days.  He also pointed out that there are no classes on Sundays.  So, I decided to include Netflix Exercise Videos into the challenge (i.e., if I can't/don't make it to a class, I can make up for it by doing a whole video).  Also, I can double up (i.e. do Step Aerobics and then a Core Class right after).  

1/3 an order of Vegan Orange Chicken (leftovers)
1 container Kozy Shack Pudding w/ 1 tsp. Organic Blueberry Preserves
LOTS of water...


Lettuce + 1 1/2 Chik'n Patties + 3/4 Apple + Goddess Dressing +Light Caesar Dressing+ Croutons


I got my schedule all wrong, and so I thought I was going to a yoga class tonight, and ended up being 45 minutes early for ANOTHER Core Class--argh!  I did some light ellipticalling, and then a good 30 minute Core Class--my abs aren't as sore as I thought they would be (my quads are another issue).  

Not a bad day!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 23: I'm back

So, I kinda fell off the wagon a few days ago. It sucked (excuse my language). But yesterday was a good day, and I went to a 6:30am Pilates class today, so I think that means I'm officially BACK on the wagon! Here's what I've been up to...

Saturday Breakfast: Tofu burger + Guac

Saturday Dinner: Amy's Rice Cheese Pizza (YUM!)

Monday Breakfast: Tofu Burger + Guac

Monday Breakfast: Baked Potato Slices

New Find! Kozy Shack Pudding (2/$6 at Farm Fresh).  Fewer calories/Less sugar/Same protein as Silk Soy Yogurt, and less expensive? How does that make sense?

Yummy treats from the Kosher section!

Vegan Caesar Salad (w/Croutons!) for dinner Monday.  Also had a Kozy Shack, and some kosher/vegan cookies (33 calories each, and I had four over the course of the whole evening!

I ran 2 miles yesterday, and went to a Core Class at the Gym.  I also went on the elliptical for 25 minutes (11 before class and 14 after).  

My new goal: 30 Classes in 30 Days
When I move, I have to give up my gym membership, so I'm going to try to make the most of it these last few days!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 19: On the road again...

Organic Banana

1/2 Arnolds Sandwich Round (very good!) + 1/2 Organic Blueberry Preserves + 1/2 Natural Chunky PB

Cantaloupe some peanuts & cookie dough (but not too much!) while catching up on some blogs.  

I didn't go to the gym today, since I had to come home right after class to pack to drive back to my parents house this weekend.  A little background info: I live in Norfolk, VA, but my parents live in Potomac, MD.  In May, I will move back in with my parents for a month, before moving to Baltimore, MD for Nursing School.  

The bf and I like to walk in my parents neighborhood, plus they have satellite TV & a treadmill, so hopefully I'll get a little sweating time in today!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 18: "My tummy huuuuuuurts!"

That's what I feel like moaning, but really, it's my own fault. I woke up (again, to no food in the whole darn house), and had about four peanuts as a reflex, and instantly felt sick to my stomach. I've got a lot of work to do on this quilt (I mismeasured last night), so I think I'm going to bribe the bf to go buy me some grapes or bananas or something!

The world's best peanuts. 

Yummy snack.  

To help my tummy.  


Walked for 2 hours today! Plus, I went for a quickie 1-mile run with the bf. IN THE RAIN.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 17

I spent most of today working on my quilt (!), and working, so I left most of the food choices up to the bf. Here's what he came up with.

Brunch: 3/8 c. PEANUTS. Ugh, stomach ache after that one.


After doing some yard work for his mother, they went out to dinner, and he brought me his leftover veggie fajita. Very sweet of him, but it was pretty oily, so I didn't eat much.


Of course, I was hungry--having only ate peanuts and a few oily veggies. So instead of going out and getting some real food, I made cookie dough. Ugh. Ugh Ugh.

On the bright side, I did run 1. 75 miles today! I would have run 2, but the little boy I was chasing on his scooter fell down, and we had to walk the rest of the way home.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 16

It's cold & wet down here, but the bf *promised* we could go for a run this afternoon. So I'm planning on an evening update! Here's the damage so far...
Broccoli with a new (to me) dressing, Kraft Light Asian Toasted Sesame.  Not as good as Annie's, but still pretty tasty!

Tempeh!  We searched all over town for Tempeh "Fakin' Bacon", but when we finally found it at the local health food store, it cost over $5!  We found 3 Grain Tempeh for under $3 at Harris Teeter, and the boyfriend cooked it up with some Teriyaki sauce...mmmmm.  If you haven't tried Tempeh, you should--it's pretty darn good for you (22g protein per 4 oz. serving!).  There are lots of "mock meat" recipes that use tempeh (bacon, chicken salad, etc.), but I think it's pretty tasty in its own right!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 15: Briefly

Temptation, thy name is Potato Chip.  (This was "my" little boy's plate, not mine.  However, I did steal a chip or two).  
Mori-Nu Tofu Chocolate Pudding, frozen.  This is one of the most delicious/best-kept secret vegan treats!  Mori-nu pudding is soooo easy to make (1 packet of powder + 1 box of tofu + 4 T. water + blender = YUM).  It's good to let it chill afterwards, but if you pop it in the freezer, it makes this creamy-icy bowl of YUM.  

Breakfast was crackers + veggie tuna salad.  

Lunch was homemade italian bread + hummus.  

Dinner was kumquats, and a few more crackers + hummus.  

Oh, and lots of VA peanuts the boyfriend brought!  High fat, but pretty darn tasty.  

Oh, and some tofu pudding.

P.S. That Kombucha was freakin' AWESOME.  

(Yes, it was one of "those" days--spent 3 hours traveling, 3 1/3 hours working, so there was lots of snacking.  I hope to make it to the gym tomorrow, so we'll see if the snacking method helped or hurt the diet!).  

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 14

So, I didn't get out to the grocery store until just before dinner, so I've been living off of wild rice and...more Berger cookies!  My mother, father & I went over to my grandmother's for dinner, and I realized it was the first time I'd sat down at a dining room table in a week!  Here are some of my Whole Foods Finds:
Botanic #7 Kombucha! Has anyone tried this yet?  I can't wait (well, I can--I'm saving it for the car ride home tomorrow).  
Hummus from Cava and Wild Oats Stone Ground Wheat crackers
Veggie Tuna Salad from Asmar's and Organic Kumquats!

YUM! I've already tried the crackers, hummus & veggie tuna salad, and it is all DELICIOUS.  Dinner was Sweet & Sour tofu (fried, but the texture is soooo chewy and good!) & Organic Herb Mix Salad with oil & vinegar.  

Workout today wasn't great, but at least it was something.  I spent about 40 minutes walking, jogging, and incline walking on the treadmill.  But four minutes into my one-mile "sprint", my right knee starting *really* hurting.  Well actually, just below my right knee.  My mother (who is a physical therapist) explained this is very common in women, because of the angles between our hips, knees, and ankles.  Running with your feet further apart (wide, not long) can help alleviate some of the pain.  I'll give it a try tomorrow!

I almost forgot! I weighed myself after my workout, completely nude, and it was 106.5 lbs! 11.5 lbs to my long-term goal, and 6.5 lbs to my short-term goal!  Granted, I hadn't eaten much (cookies, rice), but still!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 13: Workout

So, today I "hung out" on the treadmill for a little over an hour. This is what I do when I go to my parent house...walk (on an incline) on the treadmill (while watching trashy TV), and then every so often upping the speed to 6 mph to get my heart rate up. I ended by jogging a mile a nice easy 5 mph. Remember: I am NOT a runner (yet!), so that's still tough for me!

I also restarted the 100 Push up Challenge and 200 Sit Up Challenge. I was logging my progress online, but I kept forgetting, so I started a simple spreadsheet of my own. I'm on "Level 1" for Push Ups, and "Level 3" for Sit Ups. If you haven't heard of these Challenges, they are a great way to set and meet a fitness goal. Every other day you do a set amount of sit ups/push ups (depending on your current fitness level, as determined by an initial test). If you keep with it, by Week 6, you will have reached your goal! How cool is that?

Day 13

So, I'm at my parents' house now--which means vegan treats! I started off the morning (at 10:30--whoops!) with two vegetable patties. They are some no-name brand, but pretty tasty (100 calories/7g protein each!). They are a bit oily though, so I again did some blotting before eating. I rounded off the meal with a glass of 100% grape juice (diluted with H2O) and a Barry's Bakery French Twist....mmm! Barry makes these delicious "twists" that are "Non Dairy, No Butter, No Cholesterol, No Eggs, No Yeast, & Low Sodium"--and yes, still yummy! I had the "Wild Raspberry" this morning, but if you want to try just one flavor, go for the French Toast! They're about 6" long (I didn't think to take a picture of the whole one, sorry), and only 60 calories.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 12

This was breakfast.

Last night was Enchilada night at the boyfriend's mom's house (vegan-style for the two of us), and his stepfather sent us home with extra black bean tacos. His stepfather grew up in the Southwest, so he makes some great, authentic-tasting Mexican food...but it is not exactly low fat. The bf & I did a lot of blotting before devouring the leftovers this morning! (BTW, I added lettuce, tomato and homemade salsa, too!)

I also made another batch of Berger cookies to take to a party tonight. I snacked on some Reduced-fat Pringles and a handful of jelly beans while at work, but I'm trying to save myself for the snack foods at the party. Plus, that taco was pretty filling, so I'm not even that hungry!

Do you all like the Reduced Fat Pringles? They leave my mouth feeling weird for some reason...

It's raining out today, so no jog with the bf. But I'm going to my parents for the weekend, and they have a treadmill, so hopefully I'll get some good intervals in!

* * * *

The party was a lot of fun! And, I didn't totally blow the diet on snack foods. I had a little bit of homemade hummus, and a delicious vegan cupcake with peanut butter frosting--but that's it! Of course, that meant I was pretty hungry when I got home, so I had a piece of bread w/hummus before bed...only to discover this morning that what I though was sourdough was actually cheese bread! Oh no!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 11

I've started running! Well, "jogging" is probably a more apt description, but still. I used to hate running (while my sister, on the other hand, has run the Marine Corps Marathon!) because it made my chest & shoulder hurt. I've started running a one mile loop around the block with the bf, and it really isn't *that* bad--plus, it takes a whole lot less time than driving to the gym!

Today I went for my first run/jog by myself, and I'm feeling pretty darn proud of myself. I figure two or three mini-run/jogs a day are almost as good as going on one long run/jog, right?

This is what I've been doing the past two days. Drinking tea, chomping on mints, and trying desperately to study for this test I have to take tonight!

Whole Wheat Bagutte w/ Moroccan Hummus
3 wedges of Cantaloupe
Pomegranate Green Tea
1/2 cup of Tropicana High Pulp OJ

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recap Photos

Vegan "Berger" Cookies:

Vegan Southern-Style Dinner


It's hard to tell, but this is the red curry...

Here's a photo of the garlic tofu before all the other curry ingredients were added:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 9

Phew. So all the house guests are gone, the boyfriend is at work, and now it's just me & my mess. I didn't exactly stick with my diet/exercise plan this weekend, but I think I did a lot better than I would have had I not been keeping track of my caloric intake/expenditures.

Like I mentioned before, I had a hard time eating right around my friend. She's great, and super-supportive, but she's just not that into watching what she eats or exercising. In other words, there was a lot of beer, potato chips, and sweets around the house all weekend. My boyfriend is vaguely trying to get in shape, but he can put away a whole lot more calories than I can. So when it was just the three of us, it was really hard to say "No, thank you" to another beer, and even harder to keep my hand out of the bag of chips.

Plus, it's "spring break", so I don't have any classes this week. I still have to work, but that means I have a lot of free time--and my goal is to make that free time about the gym, and not about baking or eating out. I do have an online test I have to take before Thursday, so I'm going to try to get some healthy snack foods (dried fruit, baby carrots, broccoli, & low-cal dip) for while I'm studying.

Anyway, here's how I'm doing today:

* * *
Morning snack:
Homemade Vegan "Berger" Cookie (ugh. There was only one left in the 'fridge...why did I do that?!)

1/3 c. Silk Plain Soy Yogurt + 2 Tbsp. Gogi Crunch Granola
1/2 slice of Rye Swirl Bread w/Spectrum Spread
1 Homemade Vegan Mini-Biscuit

20 Grapes
13 Low Fat Pringles
1 Pack of Fruit Snacks
Diet Coke

two bites of leftover curry
2 slices of Rye/Pumpernickle Bread w/ Smart Balance Light
2 tbsp. Red Pepper Hummus

Organic Lollipop
Chai w/Almond Milk
Vegan/Gluten-free Soft Baked Ginger Spice Cookie

* * * *

Ugh. I ran around outside while babysitting today, but other than that (and some vacuuming), I've been pretty darn lazy today. And since we're moving out in a few weeks (oh my gosh), I'm trying to clean out the pantry...which means I am eating a lot of leftovers, and not doing a good job about buying new produce, etc. But tomorrow's a new day! Hopefully I can make it a productive, active, and diet-friendly one!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 7 & 8

I thought it was hard to follow a diet while living with a boyfriend, but I found this weekend it's even harder when you have company! I'm having a great time with our friend, but I just could slip away to hit the gym or go for a run/walk. Luckily, the weather was gorgeous, so we went down to the beach and walked around the boardwalk for a little bit. I don't have much time to post now, but before I forget, here's how I did:

Whole Grain Toast & Earth Balance

Tempeh "Chik'n" Salad
Dried Pineapple
Mango Tea

Candied Ginger
Coconut Bar (DELICIOUS, but super-high calories/fat!)

Homemade Thai Red Curry with Brown Rice
(Tofu, carrots, onions, potatoes)
1 1/2Homemade vegan "Berger" Cookies

Reduced Fat Cape Cod Potato Chips (way too many...I got my test grade back, and it was pretty bad, so I did a little emotional eating. Of course, it only made me feel worse--why do I always do that??)

1/2 c. Silk Soy Yogurt w/1/4 c. Acai Granola + 1/2 Tbsp. Maple syrup

20 Green grapes
10 Reduced Fat Pringles
8 oz. Diet Coke

4 Homemade Vegan Mini-Biscuits
1/2 c. Vegan Gravy (made with twice the amount of water)
2 pieces Light Life Soy Sausage
2 pieces of Steamed Broccoli
3/4 c. Melon

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 5 & 6

Phew! It's been a busy couple of days, and I have company coming for the weekend, but I wanted to get a quick post in before things get too crazy around here. My test on Friday was tough (thanks, Juliet, for the encouragement!), and I don't think I got an A+, but I'm feeling OK about it. I went for a long walk after the test to let off some steam (it was in the 70's), and then I came home, did some cleaning, and took a nap! Surprisingly, I wasn't very hungry, so diet-wise, it was a good day.

Today was looking good, diet-wise, too--until I got some great news: my boyfriend got into Law School! It was his first choice, and is one of the Princeton Review's top Law programs, so I'm just thrilled for him. Of course, we had to celebrate, so we went on a run (okay, a quick run and then a long walk!) and then went out to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants (=diet disaster). I got a vegan quesadilla, which was VERY filling, and a Jones' Diet Soda.

Like I said, I have a friend coming to visit soon, so I don't have time to post the break-downs. But here are the results:



I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I'll try to post some more once things calm down around here!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 4

I could've stayed on the on the elliptical a bit longer last night, but I'm feeling pleasantly stiff after last night's Core Class. The instructor, Nancy, included a good mix of familiar and new moves--I'm definitely going to try to make it out there again soon.

I have a big test tomorrow, so I think today is going to be my "rest" day--although I'll still try to get some situps/pushups in. Even though I started the Self Challenge a few days ago, I don't know if I'm really that into it. I cook for two (myself & the bf), and I don't always have the time/resources to make the recipes they suggest. Also, my meal plan is pretty tofu-heavy, and tofu is pretty pricey in this part of the world (we eat a lot more beans and lentils). It's nice to have the email reminders in the morning, so I won't stop them yet, but I don't know if I'm really "doing" the Challenge.

BTW, the photo shows the yummy bulgur dish I made last night. It swelled up some more over night in the fridge, and let me just say, it is SUPER filling.

* * *

Vegan Egg & Tempeh Bacon Sandwhich (on Everything Bagel) from Yorgo's
Raspberry Black Tea

Bulgur w/bell peppers & vinegar

* * *

1/4 bell pepper w/ Annie's Goddess Dressing

Moe's Art Vandeley Burrito (no rice, both beans, no cheese, sour cream, etc)

1/2 cup Rice Dream Cocoa Marble Fudge (not as caloric as it sounds!)

* * *

My big test tomorrow isn't helping my diet/fitness goals. The BF is out buying more soy ice cream as I type. Plus, my abs aren't feeling as sore as I'd hoped. I'm taking this as a good and as a bad sign. A few weeks ago, I wouldn't have been able to get out of bed, so I'm glad I'm stronger; however, I want to find a class (or video?) that will really push me. But again, I sort of have to put things on hold for this test.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 3

Well, despite that little after-dinner mishap, I didn't wake up with a total sugar-hangover this morning. I'm always hungry the minute I wake up--or, at least the first thing I think about is FOOD. I made myself one of the last cups of Tropical Dragon Tea Blend from Teavana (note to self: visit the mall next time you go home!), with just a bit of Sugar in the Raw. I also had a red bell pepper. Yes, the whole thing. I tried a little bit of the Archer Farms Peanut Sauce as a dip, but it didn't really do it for me--I'm still investingating other yummy low-cal veggie dips.

What I really *want* is a plate of Morningstar Farms Chik'n Strips, but I'm trying to hold off until lunch.

* * *

Red Bell Pepper
Dragon Tea

12 Morningstar Farms Chik'n Strips (cooked in 1 tbsp. canola oil, and blotted)
1 Banana

Afternoon Snack:
"Healthy White" Bread w/ 1 Tbsp Smart Balance Light
Diet Coke
20 green Grapes

Soaked Bulgur with Vinegar, Sesame oil, and Yellow peppers

30 min. Elliptical (Random/Level 6)
30 min. Core Class
5 min SBS (sideways/backwards/sideways) on Treadmill (I8/S2)

I burned about 493 calories at the gym.
Current weight: 109 lbs
Lbs to goal: 14

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 2

1 c. Vita Mix Carrot Ginger Tofu Soup (if you haven't tried this, you must! It's a very simple recipe, but the resulting soup is very tasty and filling.)
1 c. Harrod's Spiced Tea w/ Raw Sugar

60 minutes Elliptical (Random/Level 6)
30 minutes Treadmill (3.0 mph/incline 1)

1 1/4 c. Vegetarian Baked Beans
5 slices of Organic Wheat Baguette, toasted

Afternoon Snack:
Pringles "Smart Flavors" Reduced Fat Original
Honey Wheat Pretzel Twists
Diet Coke

Broccoli & Annie's Goddess Dressing

1 pack Gardenburger Riblets
1 Trader Joe's Mini Chocolate Soy Cream Sandwhich

* * *

So, I was doing well until I got to work (I'm a nanny). I never buy myself pretzels, chips, diet soda, so when I'm working, it's so hard to say "No!" Then, I got home, and felt like I needed something green (and then the bf came home, and he was hungry) so we snacked on broccoli & goddess dressing. I need to find a lower calorie veggie dip.

On top of that, I just got back from spending the weekend at my parents house, and they love sending me home with bags of vegan "junk food", i.e. Riblets, soy ice cream, etc. Well, I've just about finished it all, haha, so now that they're out of my kitchen, I should be able to make better food decisions. Out of sight, out of mind!

I burned about 637 calories at the gym today.

Current weight: 108.5lbs
Lbs. to Goal: 13.5

* * *
Ugh. Well, after I posted last night and said to myself, "No. More. Food!", the boyfriend came home with this:

230 calories/8g fat/5g fiber/1g protein...PER SERVING


I didn't stand a chance.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 1

I use CalorieKing Nutrition and Exercise Manager to log my meals and exercise. There was a terrible snowstorm last night, and I didn't make it to the gym, so no dedicated exercise today (although I did spend a few hours running around with my favorite five year old!). In addition, I worked today, so my meals weren't the most well rounded. But it's my first day! I guess I can only do better from here on out!

Breakfast: (310 calories/18g protein)
Wildwood Tofu Burger
Silk Very Vanilla Soy milk

Snack: (225 calories/4.1g protein)
Broccoli & Annie's Green Goddess Dressing

Lunch: (346 calories/10g protein)
Vegan Peach Blueberry Crisp from Ellwood Thomspon (leftovers!)
Silk Very Vanilla Soy milk

Snack: (140 calories/1g protein)
Low Fat Smart Flavors Pringles (Original)

Dinner: (401 calories/7.1g protein)
Salad w/Annie's Green Goddess Dressing
Rice w/Teriyaki sauce

Hi!: The BEFORE Post

Phew. It was hard to load that not-very-flattering photo of me to blogger!

Not very flattering, but hopefully, pretty darn motivational. I've gotten out of shape since college (let's face it--since freshman year!), and I'd really like to lose a few pounds and tone up before bikini season. I'm going to try to use this blog, incriminating PhotoBooth pictures, and any friends I meet out here (hi!) to help get me into "fighting shape"!

Current weight: 110 lbs
Goal weight: 95lbs
Lbs. to Goal: 15