Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 26

I know I'm not being the best blogger right now, but stay with me! There's a lot of craziness gong on in my life right now (isn't there always?), but I'm doing my best to stay on target.  

So far, so good with workouts!  I ended up doing a video last night (CRUNCH: Fat-Loss Pilates), which I didn't love, but at least it got me moving.  I have class/work/study group today, so I'll probably be doing another video tonight--but again, it's better than nothing!

This is my new favorite breakfast:
Soy Pudding/Yogurt + Nature's Valley Granola.  Mmmm.

And my new favorite indulgence:
Arnold's Sandwhich Round + Tofutti Cheese + Soy Sausage
(SO much cheaper than eating out, and way healthier, too!)

This is what I had for dinner...

Just kidding! Haha, I crack myself up (okay, not really).  Nope, this loot is the awesome giveaway going on at Nikes and Ponytails.  How awesome does it look? I hope I win!

1 comment:

  1. Hope everyone is alright! Good job with the yoga, and I love all the soy action in your life :)