Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 1

I use CalorieKing Nutrition and Exercise Manager to log my meals and exercise. There was a terrible snowstorm last night, and I didn't make it to the gym, so no dedicated exercise today (although I did spend a few hours running around with my favorite five year old!). In addition, I worked today, so my meals weren't the most well rounded. But it's my first day! I guess I can only do better from here on out!

Breakfast: (310 calories/18g protein)
Wildwood Tofu Burger
Silk Very Vanilla Soy milk

Snack: (225 calories/4.1g protein)
Broccoli & Annie's Green Goddess Dressing

Lunch: (346 calories/10g protein)
Vegan Peach Blueberry Crisp from Ellwood Thomspon (leftovers!)
Silk Very Vanilla Soy milk

Snack: (140 calories/1g protein)
Low Fat Smart Flavors Pringles (Original)

Dinner: (401 calories/7.1g protein)
Salad w/Annie's Green Goddess Dressing
Rice w/Teriyaki sauce

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