Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 24: Ouch!

I haven't been this sore in weeks months! And that's a good thing.  Well, it's not good that I haven't been working out that hard in a looong time, but it is good that I went to a challenging class yesterday! Unfortunately, the instructor is leaving to go on vacation tomorrow, so tonight is my last chance to have a class with him for a long time! And I'm so stiff!

I'll try to go, but the bf laughed when I told him I was trying to do 30 Classes in 30 Days.  He also pointed out that there are no classes on Sundays.  So, I decided to include Netflix Exercise Videos into the challenge (i.e., if I can't/don't make it to a class, I can make up for it by doing a whole video).  Also, I can double up (i.e. do Step Aerobics and then a Core Class right after).  

1/3 an order of Vegan Orange Chicken (leftovers)
1 container Kozy Shack Pudding w/ 1 tsp. Organic Blueberry Preserves
LOTS of water...


Lettuce + 1 1/2 Chik'n Patties + 3/4 Apple + Goddess Dressing +Light Caesar Dressing+ Croutons


I got my schedule all wrong, and so I thought I was going to a yoga class tonight, and ended up being 45 minutes early for ANOTHER Core Class--argh!  I did some light ellipticalling, and then a good 30 minute Core Class--my abs aren't as sore as I thought they would be (my quads are another issue).  

Not a bad day!

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  1. Wow. That will be a huge accomplishment! :) I'm still trying to figure out how to work out to dvds at home.