Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 13

So, I'm at my parents' house now--which means vegan treats! I started off the morning (at 10:30--whoops!) with two vegetable patties. They are some no-name brand, but pretty tasty (100 calories/7g protein each!). They are a bit oily though, so I again did some blotting before eating. I rounded off the meal with a glass of 100% grape juice (diluted with H2O) and a Barry's Bakery French Twist....mmm! Barry makes these delicious "twists" that are "Non Dairy, No Butter, No Cholesterol, No Eggs, No Yeast, & Low Sodium"--and yes, still yummy! I had the "Wild Raspberry" this morning, but if you want to try just one flavor, go for the French Toast! They're about 6" long (I didn't think to take a picture of the whole one, sorry), and only 60 calories.

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